Want To Start Your Own Steam Science Club?

  • Are you a stay at home parent looking to start your own business with the flexibility to still spend time with your family?

  • Are you looking to educate your kids at home with fun, step by step, educational lesson plans?

  • Are you a teacher looking to inspire your class with fun, tried and tested steam based activities?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then you have come to the right place!! Hurray!

With our step by step program you will have all the resources you will need to set up your own steam science club from scratch to full steam!

Ready to use, hassle free. Affordable Membership - Available world-wide

  • 1. Five Clubs in One!

    Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics!

  • 3. Business Training Toolkit!

    Everything you need to know about starting your own club

  • 2. Step-by-Step

    Lesson plans in 3 different age groups (2-8yrs)

  • 4. Teaching Guides

    on how to start, grow and profit from your online or in-person kids steam science club

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Get 6 fun and easy activities to do at home with your kids!