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Little Professors offers entrepreneurs like you an opportunity to run your own business and make an income while having the freedom of being your own ‘boss’.

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Want to START your very own Steam Science Club? Click here to learn more about our global membership program, Steam Science Club.

Steam Science Club

Join our Steam Science Club membership to get everything you need to start and grow your own kids STEAM Club at home, online or in your community.

What is the Steam Science Club all about?
Are you a parent, entrepreneur, teacher? Have you ever dreamt about starting your own business? If you answered YES to any of the above then you have come to the right place!

The Steam Science Club offers you the chance to start your very own kids steam studio or online studio with very little startup costs. We will be here helping you every step of the way with Step by Step Lesson Plans, Steam Learning and Teaching Guides, Business Accelerator Toolkit and much more!

After successfully starting and running our own Steam Science Business for over 5 years. We are excited to share our knowledge and help you do the same.

Our detailed and carefully designed lesson plans along with our Business Accelerator toolkit, will take you through every stage of starting, running and growing your very own kids steam club.

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