Get the Little Professors experience in the classroom

Offer Little Professor Steam Science Classes at your school or preschool.

Little Professors offers weekly afterschool & in school classes for children ranging from 2 to 8 years of age.

Our creative steam classes are filled with exciting new topics each week, keeping children engaged, having fun and learning new skills. Children at this age are hungry for information and eager to master new skills. Our classes give them confidence to believe in themselves and feel proud of their wonderful creations and achievements.

Below you’ll find some information on how our program works and what we will need in order to get classes started. If our program seems like a good fit for your school, please use the contact form below.


Let the students enjoy a free demo class at your school to get a fell about what our classes offer. After the demo class, the classes will be hosted on a weekly basis.


All the school would. Need to do is supply us with a classroom/space to host the classes and a weekly time slot(s) that is available. We will supply the. school with all the necessary promotional materials to alert parents of the classes.