What is the Steam Science Club?

What is the Steam Science Club?

The Steam Science Club is a membership for parents, entrepreneurs and educators. A one stop community to get everything you need to teach your children Steam lessons at home or to start and grow your own kids STEAM Club.

We have 3 different options to choose from:

1. Start your own Steam Science Club in 90 days Business Accelerator course. 

  • In this course I will teach you everything I have learnt about starting and running a successful business. By the end of the 90 days you should be ready to start your classes. 
  • Join the waitlist now. This course will only be open for a limited number of people so I can ensure my full attention during the training. View the full course breakdown here. 

2. Steam Lessons Monthly Membership 

  • Every week you will receive 3 new lesson plans, resources and description guides on the weekly topic. Lesson plans will be broken down into 3 age groups 
  • Little Discovery 2-4yrs

  • Little Explorers 4-6yrs

  • Little Scientists 6-8yrs
  • You will also receive teaching guides and steam learning resources.  

3. All in one! BEST VALUE!

  • Receive all of the above! 90 day business course, Access to our membership for 12 months PLUS a custom built website, logo and business brand creative pack including design templates for marketing and social media.  


The Steam Science Club all in one package offers you the chance to start your very own kids steam studio or online studio with very little startup costs. We will be here helping you every step of the way with Step by Step Lesson Plans, Steam Learning and Teaching Guides, Business Accelerator Toolkit and much more!

After successfully starting and running our own Steam Science Business for over 5 years. We are excited to share our knowledge and help you do the same.

Our detailed and carefully designed lesson plans along with our Business Accelerator toolkit, will take you through every stage of starting, running and growing your very own kids steam club.

The course is broken down into 6 units: 

In our monthly membership each week you will receive detailed lesson plans, supplies list, lesson videos, a theme activity sheet as well as a resource on the weekly topic. 

Our STEAM lessons are designed to be fun, hands on experimental sessions that stimulate sensory play, fine motor skills and developmental skills. 

Our lessons will allow children to discover, express their curiosity, learn new skills and get messy all while learning and having fun! 

Don’t miss the opportunity to educate your children at home with important skills that will be hugely beneficial to them later in life! JOIN THE WAITLIST NOW https://littleprofessors.co.za/steam-science-club/

An example of our upcoming weekly themes include:

Natural Disasters, Lets Explore Magnets, Buildings, The Endless Ocean, Lets take flight, Shooting Rockets, Ancient Egypt, Seeds and Plants, Halloween and many more 

In our weekly lesson plans you will receive one to three experiments/activities, supplies list, lesson videos, a theme activity sheet as well as a resource on the weekly topic.

You can get all of this for only $23 per month! That means 12 lesson plans a month including all of the above extras! That’s under $2 per week! 

What some of our happy parents have to say!

Jenny Oxbrow: Such fun and engaging workshops! My 4 year old and 6 year old kids loved learning to be Little Professors. The workshops were perfectly pitched for each age to really capture their attention and they are both so proud of what they learned. Thank you!

Carla-Hill Lewis: Thank you so much for a fantastic holiday steam camp! My daughter had such a wonderful time and loved all the little experiments and activities! Such a great idea to keep the little ones busy during the school holidays!!

Keryn Walker: Such fun! My little girl loved learning about and making her own volcano! Can’t wait for the next lesson! 

Penny Louw: It was Super Educational and tons of Fun!!

Laura Eversteen: Thank you so much! My son absolutely loves your lessons. He always leaves having learnt something new and comes home with awesome activities and stories on the days theme.

Don’t wait! Join us now and give your children the opportunity learn, experiment, explore and play! 

JOIN OUR PRIVATE GROUP: How to start a Steam Science Club