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As we enter a new chapter in our lives, certain things become more daunting than others, this entails how we have to deal with the circumstances and what has been thrown at us in a very short time period.Where one could drop kids off at schools, extra-murals and so much more has now become taboo and we, the parents, find ourselves having to do it all.What seems impossible is made possible by a few very easy, helpful and significant tips.Today, as a teacher and a mother, I will discuss my 3 tips for teaching at home.

1. Set out a time

What we are all aware of is that children thrive under routine – stick to a basic time and day – this will help the children being taught to know, that this is their “schooling/ extra-mural” time – should something come up and no “schooling/extra-mural” takes place, then so be it, don’t beat yourself up about it, unfortunately, that is the way of life.

2. Make it fun

Remember, you, the parent has not signed up for this, children don’t necessarily want their parents as their teacher, therefore, make the learning experience fun. It doesn’t need to take place at a desk or without any noise, let it get messy, encourage them to help and tell you what they think is happening, or what is going to happen. Ask questions like; “What if we did it this way, what do you think will happen?’ ; “If we had to add this ingredient, do you think it would work?” etc.

3. Include the kids

Include the kids in everything, even something as silly as getting the necessary ingredients etc needed for the days activities. Let them find and recognise the labels, by doing this they start reading, let them measure out, or count the ingredients, by doing this they are learning maths. Mistakes are also okay, by doing this they will see that not everything is successful first time round, certain experiments and activities need more practise, just like almost everything in our daily lives.Lastly, parents, remember they are still children, learning to explore and figure things out for themselves. Through this we build a solid foundation and should always encourage exploration to happen, even if we, the parents, know that it won’t work, let the children figure it out for themselves, let them discover, let them have fun and make a mess!

I hope these guidelines have helped you as much as they have helped me.